Franchising is purely a strategic technique of expanding the business through a licensing relationship. Franchising is a marketing arrangement or agreement between two parties (Franchisor & Franchisee) where the franchisor gives the right to sell or distribute their goods or services to the franchisees. Franchisors are the actual owners of the business. They hand out the rights to use their business logo, name, model, brand, product, business system etc. to the franchisees which are the third party operators upon certain agreement/contract. Franchisee can enjoy benefit of well-established business and brand name. In franchising business there is a franchising agreement between both the parties in which the rights given to the franchisees and the terms and conditions to be followed will be clearly stated. The term franchising cannot be signified as a business but can be explained as a way of doing business.


Franchise Consultant

Franchising is the best way to run your own business and earn high income. Are you ready to Franchise your business? If your answer is YES then Franchising Rightway is always ready to assist you to bring a positive impact on your business to be franchised. We provide you an expert franchise consultant with absolute practical knowledge to guide you to bring favorable outcome in your business. Your success is our goal. Our franchising consultant will first completely learn, observe and evaluate your business and give you a sensible feedback and then develop a practicable launch design to franchise your business.

Why do you need a Franchise Consultant?

Franchising of businesses is growing every day. It will become challenging to market and expand the business. To cap this challenge you need a franchise consultant. Franchise consultants are experts of the world of franchising. They are someone who help and assist you to become a successful franchisor or a franchisee. Probably the franchisees will not have an idea of how to franchise a business and where to start from. The answers to all such questions can be answered by a franchise consultant.


What do Franchising Rightway do?

Franchising Rightway is a package of knowledge, skill, relevant abilities to consult for franchising a business. We help our clients in determining the best franchise for them. We also assist by providing plans and ideas to expand and prosper the business for franchisor and also find and attract potential franchisees to invest.

Why to choose Franchising Rightway?

Everyone who is going to start a franchising business may not have adequate knowledge about the franchising world. Hence franchising a business without enough knowledge may bring risk of failure.

Franchising Rightway removes the factor of the Risk of Failure from the franchising business. We provide a turnkey business plan and format to operate the business which helps to gain success in the franchising business. We also provide sufficient training to gain more knowledge to work as a franchisor or a franchisee. We are

You can save your time and effort by narrowing you search for a franchise consultant. Franchising Rightway will guide you in accomplishing the dream of franchising.


FAQs on Franchising Business

What is franchising?

Franchising is a marketing concept that provides you an opportunity to legally start a business using someone else’s trade name, business systems and processes for a fixed period of time. There are two parties involved in franchising i.e. franchisor and franchisee. Both parties have their own fruit of benefits. Franchisor can expand their business with an access to better talent and innovative challenges. The franchisee’s gets an opportunity to start their own business using the franchisors systems and processes instead of investing from the scrap. Thus Franchising is an innovative procedure of distributing goods and services which is intensely successful and rapidly growing in the current days.

Is franchising an appropriate option to do business?

Choosing a franchising business is an ideal option which acknowledges the benefit owning an established brand, backing of market, reputed suppliers, financial stability, minimum risk, training etc. If you are a business streak and have to own a business at a minimal cost then franchising is an appropriate option in business. Because in franchising there is a legitimize base with much of foundation work build for you. Though you get a certain level of independence to operate a franchise, it will not be entirely liberated. Hence if you need a full control over the business then franchising is not an appropriate option.

What study must be made before owning and accepting a franchising agreement?

The study urged for franchising a business is as follows:

  • Thorough knowledge of the business to be franchised.
  • Individual obligation required towards the business.
  • Market stability of the business has to be franchised.
  • Previous experience of the franchisor.
  • Cost involved in franchising.
  • Study the fully audited financial statement of the seller
  • Customer base of the franchising business.
  • Financial stability of the franchisor.
  • Category of experience required to enter into franchising.
  • Terms and condition under which the franchising deal is made.
  • Terms and condition under which the franchising deal can be renewed or terminated. Etc.

Taking proper advice on the franchising agreement is the most important step before signing a franchising agreement.

Is consulting necessary for franchising?

Franchising may be perplexed to many who enter this field. Franchising is entirely a new world of business. For them franchise consultant is necessary. Franchising Rightway is one of the best options for franchise consulting. We provide expert advice to the entrepreneurs to buy and sell the business. We support franchisor by providing proven business model for effective expansion. We also support the franchisee to expose to the promising business opportunities. For this support the entrepreneurs may find it necessary for a franchising consultant like Franchising Rightway.