Digital Marketing is the buzz word for any Business. The reason being it is very economical, measurable and gives you higher return on investment compared to traditional ways of marketing. As a result business owners and marketers are learning every aspect of digital marketing. We train business owners and marketers in Google advertising, Facebook advertising, SEO and SMM. The training will be practical and will be easy to understand and use it in real business scenario. After the training, every person who had undergone the training will be able to handle their Digital marketing on their own.

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Google adwords training

In Google ads training, you will be taught from the basics. You will be trained to set up your own adwords account and run sample text ads and display ads campaign. The training will cover on topics relating to keyword tools, choosing the keywords, short tail keywords, long tail keywords and so on. You will also be taught on how to set up a campaign, ad groups, ads, budget setting, bid adjustments, CTR and so on. Apart from that, you will also be given an in-depth training on report creation and interpretation

Facebook ads training

In our training on Facebook ads, we will train you on how to set up your Facebook campaign. There will be a comprehensive training on ad creation using videos, photos and texts. You can also learn on how to boost a post and reach wider audience. You will also be trained on how to choose the right kind of audience based on their age, income, designation, job etc.


SEO training

In our SEO training you will be covered topics like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, title, description, Meta tags and more. You will also be introduced on the latest SEO tools to check page ranks and also tips and tricks on content development, blog posts, how to guides, industry articles and so on.

SMM Training

SMM training trains you on how to create and maintain your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Google plus pages. You will also be trained on how to keep your audience engaged through your social media posts. You will also learn topics relating to community, groups, infographics, video creations, topics, contests, polls and more.